Bath BID Renewal Ballot

The Bath Business Improvement District (BID) is an independent, not-for-profit business-led company working to provide the environment for businesses in Bath to succeed. Because of the type of company the Bath BID is, we are required by law to ballot our Levy Payers every five years. This allows businesses to collectively choose to invest in the city via the Business Improvement District and provides businesses with the opportunity to craft and shape the future growth and development of Bath.

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Introduction to Bath BID III

Despite the challenging circumstances presented by COVID-19, the Bath BID continues to plan for our third five-year plan, covering the period commencing in April 2021. A lot has changed in the ten years that the BID has been operating; it is a privilege to serve the city of Bath and we are enthusiastic about delivering the next phase of our work and building on the successful partnerships we have already formed.

Bath BID III will see a continuation of our key purpose, which is to improve the environment for businesses in Bath. It is our ambition to build on the excellent foundations of the last ten years, in providing a welcoming, safe and clean city. We will support the city in its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and to ‘build back better’, using strong place management principles, which create increased pride in the city as a place to be enjoyed by local residents and visitors alike, and in which businesses are supported to flourish.

The challenges faced in Bath city centre are complex, and the pace of the changes impacting the city has been accelerated by the pandemic. The Bath BID is well-placed to help deal with the challenges and support positive change through comprehensive and innovative partnership programmes that improve the public realm, help tackle environmental issues, make the best of development opportunities, increase the profile of the city as a place to do business, and improve the quality of life for the people who use the place. Our key aim is to improve our area for the benefit of its users, making it more accessible to more of the communities surrounding Bath and to reflect the principles at the heart of place management – the process of making places better.

Click here to view our Bath BID III Final Draft Prospectus.

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Our Purpose

The Bath BID works with over 650 businesses and non-Levy Payer contributors, working in partnership with you to make your business more successful and support a better managed city.

The Bath BID is one of 328 BIDs across the UK and Ireland, which collectively deliver over £130 million of investment and improvement into towns and city centres.

Our mission is to deliver in four key areas:

A Welcoming City

For staff and visitors, shoppers and tourists, and our local community.

  • Providing cleansing and security services and investing in improvements.
  • Providing an enthusiastic and well-trained team of volunteer Welcome Ambassadors and supporting them with information to promote your businesses and activities.

A Smart City

Using technology to enhance our understanding of the city’s performance.

  • Providing footfall and business intelligence data.
  • Supporting businesses to make informed decisions on investments in the city, recruitment, campaigns and merchandising.
  • Measuring the impact of events and activities.
  • Supporting Bath’s regional and local partners with preparations for long-term city placemaking.

A Connected City

Bringing together our business partnership of over 650 local businesses.

  • Influencing local and regional decision-making.
  • Seeking out opportunities for Bath businesses to work together for mutual benefit – collective purchasing, shared events, local associations and collaborative activities.
  • Proactively engaging with the local community to improve the connection between local residents and the city’s business community.

A Successful City

A programme of work to create the environment for businesses to succeed.

  • Promoting the Bath brand.
  • Supporting inward investment with information and support.
  • Working with training and skills providers to create opportunities for Bath businesses.
  • Seeking investment for new campaigns and projects in the city.
  • Representing Bath in a national context on key issues impacting businesses.
Governance and Finance

Governance and Finances

The BID represents over 650 businesses that operate within the city centre in the BID designated area.

Businesses are represented both in their area and business type by a diverse Board of Directors. For Bath BID III, the Board will continue where possible to have a diverse representation across geography and business type, but will reduce to 12 to enable more effective decision-making.

Alongside our Management team, the BID will continue to employ its own team of Rangers and will add to our presence on the streets with new city-centre Marshals as part of the Bath Business Against Crime partnership project. The team will be resourced efficiently, ensuring our overheads remain under 20% of our total expenditure, in line with BID best practice.

As we are entering the five-year period at a difficult time for businesses, we plan for scaled back operations in year one to allow us to offer a reduced rate of BID levy in that year. We will recoup the difference over the remaining four years, so that over the five-year term, the overall rate will amount to less than 1% per year.

The Bath BID levy threshold will remain at £25,000 RV. Our current rules exclude charities apart from retail. We propose to remove the exemption for cultural attractions and offices belonging to educational establishments.

We will continue to offer a voluntary Levy Payer arrangement for businesses below the threshold or outside the area, to enable businesses to benefit from the security radio or trade waste operations. For practical reasons, Ranger and Marshal services cannot be offered outside the BID boundary.

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Your Feedback

Your responses to our Business Consultation Survey show that the five most important issues to Levy Payers are:

  • Litter and general street cleanliness
  • Transport and access in Bath
  • Begging and rough sleeping
  • Environmental and sustainability concerns
  • The cost and availability of parking

Levy Payers overwhelmingly voted in support of the BID’s Ranger service, with over 75% of respondents saying they would like the Ranger service to continue after April 2021. The majority of respondents said that they would also like our Welcome Ambassador and Nightwatch services to continue.

80% responded in favour of the BID’s floral displays, with 74% of businesses keen to see the BID continue to provide support for events.

Over 60% of respondents said they would like the BID to continue to provide place intelligence after April 2021, and the majority of respondents also voted in favour of a continuation of our trade waste discount scheme

We have been consulting with Levy Payers through surveys, face-to-face conversations and webinars. We also held a Board workshop and sought feedback from national organisations including British BIDs and The BID Foundation, who work closely with national chain head offices.

Through these conversations, we have developed a set of projects to take forward into Bath BID III.

Bath BID Rangers

Our Projects

Going into the Bath BID III, we will continue our Brilliant Basics:

  • Responsive and planned cleaning (working alongside, but not duplicating, B&NES Council services)
  • Handiwork
  • Offering a trade waste discount
  • Business intelligence
  • City promotion
  • Events and campaigns
  • Welcome Ambassadors
  • Public realm enhancements
  • Business Intelligence

Additionally, we will further develop:

  • Trade waste management
  • Lobbying on important issues for businesses (transport, infrastructure improvements, city management)
  • Stronger partnership working with B&NES Council, WECA and organisations responsible for managing physical change in the city

We are also creating the following new projects for Bath BID III:

  • Bath Businesses Against Crime – seven-day-a-week Marshal cover and radio contact for the city centre to tackle theft and antisocial behaviour, making the city a safer place to spend time.
  • Free training for businesses – a year-round programme of free training in essential business operational skills, including manual handling, food safety, working at height, fire safety and cyber crime.
  • Welcome to Bath event website – to promote events, discounts and job vacancies for Levy Payers.
  • A new association for independent businesses – run by businesses for businesses, with BID meeting facility and admin support.
  • Externally funded projects – we have set ourselves income targets and will invest in expertise to ensure the city of Bath attracts external funding to support projects which will bring benefits to all.
  • A programme of campaigns – to create stronger links between staff working in offices within the city centre and other businesses, through events, a BID levy payer discount card and other projects. Some campaigns would encourage businesses to pursue staff wellbeing activities and/or to adopt social purpose as a means of strengthening their appeal to customers or as a potential employer.
Bath BID Welcome Ambassadors

Key Dates

  • September to October 2020 – Final consultation on Bath BID prospectus
  • January 2021 – Bath BID Business Plan launched
  • 29th January 2021 – Ballot voting begins
  • 25th February 2021 – Ballot voting closes
  • 26th February 2021 – Ballot result announced
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Find Out More

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