The Bath BID proudly announces the launch of its captivating Biodiversity Bench Project, set to transform Kingston Parade this summer. Inspired by the green-thumb brilliance of Britain in Bloom and the awe-inspiring Festival of Nature, this initiative celebrates the remarkable creatures that call Bath home.

Allison Herbert CEO of the Bath BID explained:

We are so proud to have transformed the benches outside the historic Abbey into inviting resting places for visitors. But that’s not all! The Council has granted us permission to sprinkle a magical trail of tiny creatures throughout the area. This project embodies Bath BID’s commitment to a vibrant city centre, where vitality and biodiversity converge. As you explore, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for our beautiful city’s natural wonders.’

As you explore, you’ll discover Bath’s wildlife hidden in the benches. From curious foxes, to elusive otters and impressive peregrine falcons, these colourful additions promise unexpected delight for all who wander by.

Our collaboration with the Avon Wildlife Trust, Bath and North East Somerset Council, and the Festival of Nature ensures that each chosen animal or insect reflects rarity, environmental importance, and its role in Bath’s ecosystem.

Chalkhill Blue Butterflies and Wildflower Habitats

The Festival of Nature team particularly enjoyed seeing the Chalkhill Blue Butterfly featured on the benches, an important species for the Bath region.

Chalkhill Blue Butterflies are primarily found on the chalk and limestone hills of southern England, such as those found around Bath. They thrive in species-rich grasslands that are abundant with wildflowers – an increasingly rare habitat in our modern world.

Spotting these butterflies in and around Bath is a promising indicator of successful, local wildflower habitats, and vice versa!

It’s wonderful to see nature being celebrated across Bath in such a creative and accessible way with the decorated benches.

As Bath residents and visitors enjoy them this summer, we hope that they will spark conversations on what we can do to support the natural world.”

Wildlife artist Miriam Zaccarelli

Each animal has been lovingly illustrated by the Bath BID’s very own Miriam Zaccarelli. There are 21 to find on the benches surrounding the Abbey.

The “Wylde Creatures of Bath” Trail

Calling all young explorers! Throughout July and August, follow the “Wylde Creatures of Bath” Trail, matching the designs on the benches with their pairs inside shop windows. The trail has been generously sponsored by jeweller Nicholas Wylde. Pick up a competition book from our office on York Street, and participating businesses. Entry gives you a chance to win a silver disc-shaped pendant engraved with your own drawing.

Share the Magic

As you bask in the summer sun, please share your favourite wylde animal pictures on social media. Tag us @bathbid and #wyldecreaturesofBath

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