First Quarter Trade Waste Update

As we are at the start of the New Year, it is a good moment to check in on Trade Waste arrangements.

As you know, the Bath BID has good management of trade waste as one of our key priorities. To that end, we provide information and support to businesses – speak to Roland Russell if you want to make use of that service.

We also have a Trade Waste partnership negotiated with Grist Environmental. We went through a full tender process to select our partner and as well as offering an excellent discount, Grist was able to demonstrate that they have good systems in place to manage your expectations in terms of customer service and very importantly they offer a full food waste collection service, suitable whether or not you have storage space in your premises.

If you are only just thinking about managing your food waste, here are 3 good reasons to do it:

  1. You will save money – food waste is heavy and it takes up weight in your non-recyclable waste collection
  2. You will support the environment – the world’s third largest emitter of pollutants, beaten only by the collective emissions of the US and China; is food waste.
  3. It will very soon be law. In March 2025, there will be a requirement for all businesses to have separate food waste.

The government guidelines are outlined here

The new guidelines encourage all businesses to resort to ‘disposal’ only as a last resort before all other options are explored.

There is no need for Bath BID levy payers to use the last resort as the food service provided by our partners Grist takes your waste food to a biodigester, turning your waste into fertiliser and energy.

On another note, we have been informed that some businesses have found themselves victims of some sharp practices by one waste contractor in the city.

Legally you are required to sign a ‘duty of care’ proving that you have a trade waste contract in place. These are then submitted to the Environment Agency by your contractor. One contractor in the city has taken the opportunity to add in tiny print that by signing the duty of care notification, you are committing to a 12-month contract with them. That is not the purpose of your duty of care, and it is catching out businesses in the city. Please read the small print carefully and ask them to remove it if that is not what you wish to do.