Thousands of residents across Bristol and Bath are expected to take part this weekend in the third annual global wildlife challenge, photographing wildlife from windows, on balconies and in gardens to help the region hold the title of “top wildlife observers in Europe” for a third straight year!

It’s set to be a sunny week ahead, and Festival of Nature is asking everyone to get their cameras out to take part in City Nature Challenge by spotting wildlife from their windows, on balconies and in gardens.

The challenge is simple – download the free iNaturalist app and take a wildlife photo inside your house or outside if you can do safely following social distancing guidelines. Upload it to the app, and it not only counts towards the challenge, it will be uploaded to the region’s crucial conservation records. Not sure what you’re photographed? No previous knowledge required: iNaturalist will make a suggestion to help you learn, or you can submit it for an expert to identify.

We need nature, now more than ever,” says Matt Postles, Director of the annual Festival of Nature, “we’re working with cities across the UK to ensure that anyone can take part in City Nature challenge, and wherever they are in the British Isles, the wildlife photos submitted will count towards important conservation records.”

  • City Nature Challenge takes place between April 24-27, more information
  • To take part, simply download the free iNaturalist app and take photos of the plants, insects, animals, birds or fungi you spot from your windows or outside your house. No expert knowledge needed: the app will help you to ID your findings, or you can share the photo with the global community for an answer.
  • You can find out more about taking part across the UK at