Bath Welcome Ambassadors

Many of us within the city have provided guidance to a lost-looking tourist or visiting family members and we know what a difference that personal touch can bring. The Bath Business Improvement District (Bath BID) has been tasked by its members, the city centre businesses, to provide a professional meet and greet service for all city users, giving a lasting impression of friendliness and vibrancy.

Bath is blessed with museums, sporting venues, theatres and tourist attractions as well as a vibrant shopping scene, food for every palate and world class festivals. We want to capitalise on these cultural riches and grow our tourist industry. The warm welcome the Bath Welcome Ambassadors provide to our visitors from the rest of the UK and the world is helping us achieve this.

 Welcome Ambassador Volunteer Role Description

It is a very exciting time to join the Welcome Ambassador Project Team. It’s a relatively  new venture for the city and the ambassadors are helping to shape the format that will help promote the city for years to come.

 Main Purpose

To be the friendly faces of Bath, part of a team of volunteers providing a warm and informed welcome to Bath city centre for visitors, workers, residents and students centre. Welcome Ambassadors will direct people throughout the city, encourage them to visit Bath BID Businesses, to explore the hidden gems as well as the must-do activities.

What does the role involve?

  • To provide a welcome as described above in key areas of the city, both as a sedentary human information point as well as guiding people to key vantage points when appropriate
  • To hand out maps or other materials to visitors.
  • To use a tablet to find information for visitors and record enquiries
  • To participate in Bath Welcome Ambassador initial training sessions and regular update meetings to keep up-to-date on offers and events
  • To conduct real time research to develop knowledge to provide the best information, continually updating the quality of the offer for Bath visitors
  • To keep an eye out and report any issues to Bath BID Rangers or authorities as appropriate


The role will require giving at least 8 hours per month on a rota basis. Welcome Ambassadors will operate predominantly Thursday to Sunday between 10am to 4pm. During busy periods for the city, such as Bath Christmas Market and university graduation days, etc there will be more ambassador hours and days. Each rota is four hours in duration and will be flexible where possible to meet a volunteer’s availability. Volunteers sign in at the Bath BID office (Stall Street) at the start and end of each shift.


Ambassadors will be welcoming people across the city centre with key orientation points at the entry points such as Brunel Square (Railway Station) Union Street, Abbey Churchyard, Milsom Street and Kingsmead Square.

With whom?

Volunteers will be part of a team and will work in pairs.

Support, Supervision and Training

Support, supervision and training will be provided by Bath BID. The Bath Welcome Ambassador Project Team is led by the Bath BID Communications & Project Manager, Charlotte Thursz.  Volunteers have two Volunteer Coordinators, Emily and Christine who provide mentoring and support. To equip volunteers with the skills and knowledge for the role training will be provided. It is essential that volunteers attend all training session provided by Bath BID, Visit Bath and other specialist trainers.


Volunteers are covered by Bath Business Improvement District’s insurance while volunteering carrying out the duties of this role on the approved rota.

Uniform and ID

Volunteers are provided with Bath Welcome Ambassador uniform. Volunteers should wear their own plain trousers/skirt and suitable footwear. Volunteers will also be issued with identification which should be with them at all times.


Each pair of Welcome Ambassadors will have a Bath BID radio to keep in touch with the Bath BID office and Rangers.

What sort of individuals would make a great Bath Welcome Ambassador?

  • Enthusiastic!
  • Someone warm and friendly with strong interpersonal skills
  • Over 18 years
  • Individuals that like working outdoors in all weathers as well as fit and healthy and able to standing and walk at least 10,000 steps per shift
  • Someone that would be proud to show off this city
  • A person with a good knowledge of Bath or willing to learn
  • Someone with foreign language skills would be a bonus
  • People able to work weekends

What would this Volunteer Role provide?

By getting involved as a volunteer you have the opportunity to:

  • Find out more about Bath and its economy
  • Meet new people and be part of a team
  • Acquire relevant experience to enhance opportunities for employment
  • Make good use of current skills and interests

To apply please email the Volunteer Coordinators Emily and Christine for an application form