Sado Jirde
Director of Black South West Network

18:00 – 19:30

Since the moment of her appointment as Director, Sado Jirde has been working on raising BSWN’s profile to a leading organisation in addressing race equality and socio-economic systemic barriers to inclusion through high level stakeholder engagement, including the Mayor’s Office, LEP, the Universities and others. In doing so, she has been instrumental in the reshaping of the BAME Voluntary sector through the introduction of pioneering development infrastructure to maximise under-utilised assets and build social enterprises capacity. For the past 5 years, Sado has worked towards the development of a placed-based approach to inclusive economic growth, culminating in the design of a BAME Enterprise Hub that features in Bristol City Council’s Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth Strategy. In addition, Sado has built strong relationships with funders and stakeholders taking BSWN’s turnover from just under 50K in 2016 to over 300k in 2019. The AMR fellowship would allow Sado to explore the potential of BSWN to move forward as an innovative, technology-driven social enterprise, with a focus on driving economic and social inclusion and diversifying BSWN’s income.

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