Fireside Summit is about startups and innovation. With conferences covering AI, robotics, drones, tech-for-good, security, privacy, identity and much more, Fireside Summit is where startups, innovators and investors gather for two days full of fresh air and fresh ideas.

‚ÄčIt’s a tech conference, focused on startups, but unlike anything you’ve been to before. Fireside Summit is just 5 miles from Bath and 13 miles from the centre of Bristol, but once you get here you’ll immediately feel the benefits and clarity that come from going off-grid. As if by magic, mobile reception drops the moment you step into Fireside Summit and there’s no wifi. There are fires to sit around, food and drink and coffee (of course coffee!); there’s fresh air and trees and nature. There’s a camping ground with a river bubbling past, so you can immerse yourself fully and stay on-site for toasted marshmallows and 4am chats. Fireside is about real people, great conversation, circadian rhythm. It’s about unplugging, reconnecting and new ideas learned.

Held at Radford Mill Farm, Mill Lane, Timsbury, Bath BA2 0QF

Info and tickets can be found here.