Bath Idling Action: YOU are the key to cleaner air

Join Bath Idling Action on Clean Air Day 21st June at the YMCA: training at 10:15am; events at 11am and 2:30pm

Are you worried about the levels of air pollution in Bath? Do you want to do something about it?  Harness your power to create a cleaner healthier place to live, work and visit.

Research shows that switching off engines when parked significantly reduces pollution levels in the street.

Clean Air Day on 21st June is an exciting initiative to tackle the urgent problem of air pollution, which creates an unpleasant environment and affects everyone’s health and well-being.

Transport is the largest contributor to poor air quality.  We’re targeting pollution hotspots through No Idling events, in two of our most congested wards – Abbey and Walcot. Idling, leaving your engine running while parked, is an unnecessary source of pollution.

Would you like to show your support by becoming a volunteer? You’d be part of a team working locally and part of a national event.

You’d help by speaking to drivers and explaining the damaging effects leaving their engines on when parked has on air quality and encouraging them to turn their engines off.  Many drivers simply do not realise that idling is bad for the environment and the approach of positive and constructive engagement has achieved an excellent success rate of over 80%.  The vast majority of drivers are very willing to switch off when encouraged to do so and pledge not to idle in the future.

As a volunteer you’ll receive training prior to the event at 10:15am where we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to engage drivers and make the event a big success. Then you can either attend the 11am or 2:30pm (or both) No Idling events each lasting an hour before returning to the YMCA for a de-brief and refreshments.

Together we have a real chance to improve the air quality of Bath and create a more pleasant and enjoyable environment for us all.

Click here to volunteer at Bath Idling Actions’ anti-idling events.

  • Thursday 21st June at 10:15am training – 11am and 2:30pm 1 hour idling action events

If you’d like more information visit, or email