Following the Government’s announcement the majority of businesses have to close, except those deemed essential.

  • Essential businesses that can stay open are:
  • Supermarkets (excluding any cafes within them), convenience stores and corner shops
  • Grocery markets – not including farmers markets, hot food markets or street food markets
  • Local fresh food suppliers like butchers, fishmongers and bakeries
  • Hot food takeaways – over the counter services only and not allowing an option to eat in
  • Pharmacies/chemists and health food shops
  • Dental surgeries, opticians, audiology, physiotherapy, chiropody and other professional vocational medical services – for urgent appointments only
  • Veterinary clinics and pet shops
  • Newsagents
  • Hardware and building supplies stores
  • Retail services in hospitals
  • Petrol stations, garages, and auto repair shops for urgent work only
  • High street banks, credit unions and cash points
  • Post offices
  • Funeral directors, crematoriums and related
  • Laundrettes and dry cleaners
  • Storage and distribution facilities, including delivery drop-off points
  • Medical or storage services
  • Public car parks in towns and cities near food takeaway services
  • Public toilets

PLEASE NOTE: Businesses are operating social distancing policies. This limits the number of customers in the premises at any time. It also means that many have a 2 metre spacing between customers in the store. You may also need to wait outside, again maintaining the 2 metre spacing guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: The first hour of operation for many store is reserved for the elderly, the vulnerable or for NHS. Please respect these restrictions.