The Compassionate Community Hub  is now operational and the helpline is live.Virgin Care and B&NES Council have done a brilliant job turning this round in such a short space of time. 3SG are joined by some of their members like Bath Mind, Age UK, Citizens Advice and DHI. The number to call is:

0300 247 0050

The process works like this:

1. Someone calls or emails into the Hub with a support request
2. This is triaged to a specialist pod (e.g. families, food, housing, logistics etc)
3. If appropriate, the task will be referred to a Street Champion, Befriender or a Key Connector in the relevant area
4. If necessary, the Street Champion, Key Connector or Befriender will coordinate with local Connectors to try and solve the problem
5. Once completed the volunteer will report back to their relevant 3SG contact that the referral is closed.