Bath BID making efforts to address the seagull challenge in Bath

Seagulls are a major nuisance in the city of Bath. They are attracted to the food people eat on the street and to waste bags which are not adequately secured.

At the Bath BID Company we have been preparing for this summer’s visitor since the autumn. Working closely with council colleagues and waste contractors we gained support for a city wide seagull proof sack policy for trade waste containing food. As a result, businesses that are part of the BID and Suez trade waste scheme have been given green seagull proof sacks. Suez is the contractor for around 300 local businesses, so this is a great step forward and other organisations can use the white sacks which have been purchased by Bath BID. Our team is keen that every business that needs a gull proof sack is able to have one; we urge city centre businesses to get in touch if this would be useful to them.

The B&NES Council’s Education and Enforcement officer, who is part-funded by the BID Company, patrols the city day and night spotting trade waste issues and supporting improvements. This is essential in our fight against seagulls as well as the BID’s mission to improve the presentation of the city centre to provide a good experience for everyone.

Most people are not aware that seagulls are a protected species and according to the 1981 Wildlife Conservation Act, it is illegal to intentionally injure or kill any gull or damage or destroy an active nest or its contents. The licensed programme in place in Bath allows specialist contractors to remove nests and eggs and has led to a reduction in the number of chicks in the city this year. This treatment is provided free of charge by B&NES council in the city centre.

We are confident that this collaborative approach will reduce the number of seagull challenges that we face this summer.