The Bath BID Company is governed by a BID Board responsible to levy payers.  The board comprises 18 representatives from all the different sectors.

The work of the Board is divided into three key themes:

  • Welcoming and Promoting
  • Managing and Saving
  • Developing and Innovating

Each theme has its own budget and a chaired working group. At every annual general meeting directors retire from office and may offer themselves for re-appointment by the voting members.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the board of Bath BID, please get in touch.

Ms Maeve England

Mr Guy Henderson

Mr Andrew Pitt

Mr Christopher Davies

Mr David Hobdey

Mr Allan Lloyd

Mr Gavin Thompson

Mr James Hughes

Mr Ian Taylor

Mr John Pearce

Mr Martin Shields

Mr Mike Killpartrick

Mr Nicholas Wylde

Ms Sam Little

Mr Simon Hall

Mr Tarquin McDonald

Cllr Tim Warren