Gearing up for another successful five year term in the city

The Bath Business Improvement District board was delighted to learn at the end of October that the Bath business community had chosen to elect the Bath BID to be in place for a further five years.

The BID has achieved a great deal in its first term, from setting up a BID Ranger and Night Marshal service which supports businesses and ensures a clean and safe environment, to working in close partnership with others, such as Bath Tourism Plus, the council and museums. Award-winning events have secured significant national media coverage as well as raising footfall at quieter times. The trade waste and recycling initiative, provides substantial savings for businesses and has been part of the overall foundation for the successful delivery into the second term.

With this clear mandate from the city, the BID team can now embark with confidence on the additional themes proposed by our levy payers to further improve the city centre environment and as laid out in the business plan.

Nigel Huxley, Chair of the Bath BID, would like to thank all levy payers for their support and for taking the effort to vote for the Bath Business Improvement District.