Thermae Bath Spa to close for 16 days in January 2018

November 2017, Bath

From Monday 8th to Tuesday 23rd January 2018 inclusive, Thermae Bath Spa will close for planned maintenance and refurbishment of various areas of the Spa, including the replacement of key plant, filters, doors and pipework.

Peter Rollins, Marketing and Communications Director for Thermae Bath Spa, said: “Thermae has now been operating for over 11 years, during which time we have welcomed many thousands of visitors. Inevitably the buildings including the thermal baths have taken their fair share of wear and tear. Our maintenance team does an amazing job all year round to ensure that everything is kept in good working order and a lot of unseen work takes place after we close in the evening and before we re-open in the morning. However, it has reached the stage that we have to replace some key plant and equipment which will necessitate the closure of Thermae Bath Spa for just over two weeks.

We will be also using this period to refurbish a number of important facilities. In order to cause the least disappointment to guests, we have deliberately scheduled this work for mid-January which is our quietest time of the year.”

Thermae Bath Spa thanks local residents and visitors for their understanding during the refurbishment period and suggest that they check our website for future updates: