Innovation in the Costs of Catering – March 15

Bristol Cost of Catering

Innovation in the Costs of Catering
March 15, 2018
Conference Hall, City Hall, Bristol

Do you know the real cost of catering? Do you truly understand how sustainable supply chains and waste management – both food and non-food waste – can help explain the financial, environmental and health costs of food and catering?

If you’re involved in food and catering procurement and provision, this conference is the one for you in 2018! It won’t be the usual parade of presentations but an inter-active event with the opportunity to be involved in some in depth discussions on major topics.

Lunch will be provided with a menu tailor-made to reflect the principles of the event. It will be accompanied by a cooking demonstration describing why and how the various have been sourced and used.

Confirmed speakers include:

Patrick Holden – founder and chief executive of the Sustainable Food Trust
Tim Martin – Executive Producer at the BBC’s Natural History Unit
Rich Osborn – founder and director of Fresh-range
Thomas Powell – Food Procurement Policy at DEFRA
Liz Harding-Wyatt – Green Kitchen Standard co-ordinator at the Soil Association
Adrian Kirikmaa – Development Chef at St Monica’s Trust and founder of The School of Food

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