Bath Businesses Vote Yes To Second BID Term

Following a month long ballot of eligible businesses within the BID area, the Bath Business Improvement District (BID) has received a strong endorsement from the city’s business community to continue for a second five year term. 48% of eligible business voted and of those 76% voted in favour of renewal, with 81% in favour by total rateable value of votes cast.

Speaking about the success, Jonathan O’Shea, Interim Chief Executive for the Bath Business Improvement District said “The BID Board and staff are delighted that the BID has received this endorsement from its levy payers. We consider it a stamp of approval for the great work that has been done in the first five years since the BID was first established in 2011, and a vote of confidence in the excellent business plan that lays out the vision for the next five year period that will last until 2021.

“The BID is an investment in the city. The first term has seen award winning innovation and initiatives delivered by the BID that have helped to better manage the city centre trading environment, as well as attracting footfall through promotion and events. The city centre is cleaner and more welcoming than it would have been without the BID, and the reputation of the evening economy has been strengthened. On top of that, the business community has been able to take advantages of initiatives such as the trade waste scheme that in many cases has more than covered the cost of the levy.

“A second term will see a great deal of work that builds on that success. We have identified the areas for further focus, including the early evening economy which is key to many of our cafés, restaurants and bars.
“We must also be aware that Bath and North East Somerset Council is facing great challenges and reduced budgets whilst at the same time the city is embarking on a programme of redevelopment. The BID will help to protect and strengthen the city centre business environment during this crucial time.

“I would to take this opportunity to thank the business community for showing faith in the work of the Business Improvement District, as well as our partners such as Bath Tourism Plus, the Council and others with whom we have worked closely and will continue to do so.”

The second BID term will officially start on the 1st April 2016.